About Us

The Vendor Guide is property management’s most comprehensive, trusted directory for qualified contractors.  Founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, The Vendor Guide has grown from a local publication to a national online resource reaching thousands of management decision makers on a regular basis. TheVendorGuide.com is an efficient search engine designed for multi-family and commercial professionals to find qualified commercial contractors.

It is The Vendor Guide’s mission to provide property management personnel with the commercial contractors they need quickly with Bid-Quest. Decision makers rely on our e-quote program when choosing contractors. Property managers can submit a scope of work, timeline, and photos to reach multiple contractors at once for online bidding.


Meet Our Partners

VG Visuals

Since 1999, VGVisuals has delivered the best in creative, full-service marketing, graphic design, and promotions to position their clients ahead of their competition.  VGVisuals has a team of experienced and knowledgeable copywriters, designers, and marketing strategists to work with companies to reach their promotional goals. Some of the services that VGVisuals offers include: brand development, printing, website development, exhibits, apparel and other promotional items.

Apartment Data, Inc.

 ALN Apartment Data is the premier multi-family industry & search engine for data. The company supplies property owners, management, on-site, service personnel, and all real estate professionals with statistical reporting and analysis, historical data, market surveys, competitive reports, rent, occupancy rates, and more.  ALN Apartment Data also features the VendorEdge+ program, which is updated monthly to equip product and service professionals with crucial multi-family contacts and property level information.